Aqualine water tank

Dome Roof

The Dome Roof tank is our most economical, and is very versatile with our ability to overhang the roof to suit rock or wood cladding. The wall height is 7’4” and the “spring” of the dome is just enough to shed water. For applications that have height restrictions, the dome is a great option.



aqualine water tank

30-Degree Roof

The 30-Degree Roof tank has a standing seam roof (12’ diameter and above) that delivers strength and style. Tanks with the Standard 30-degree roof and can withstand 165 MPH wind speeds and 30 PSF snow loads. Keep in mind, that as the tank diameter increases, the height of the 30-degree roof grows with it.



water tank by Aqualine

NEW! Low-Profile Roof

Working in conjunction with our manufacturer, Aqualine developed a new Low-Profile (LP) roof system that delivers that classic standing seam look without the expansive height. Currently, the LP roof is available on 21’, 24’, 27′, 30′ and 33’ tanks. These sizes are some of our most popular sizes for residential use. By getting the overall height down, we can please most HOA’s and deliver a great looking tank.



wood clad water tanks

Wood and Stone-Clad Tanks

While some customers choose to “hide” their tanks, others have opted to show off and dress up their Aqualine Water Tanks. This takes some advance planning and we have worked with our customers to allow rocking of the tanks and Aqualine offers wood-wrapped tanks in-house.



Color Coating Options

The corrugated, galvanized tank walls look right at home in the Texas Hill Country, but we can offer a color coating that lasts as long as the 20-year tank warranty (even in the Texas sun). Working with an industrial painter, we have developed a process to prepare and color-coat Aqualine Water Tanks in several standard colors (that match most common gutters and downspouts) or any color you can dream up. This color-coating can be used to camouflage or really show off an Aqualine Water Tank.


 Tank Color Options