Water Storage for Greenhouses

greenhouse water storage tank

Steel water tanks are a great way to store water for agricultural purposes including greenhouses.  Aqualine steel rainwater storage tanks save money on irrigation costs and boost plant health as well. With a steel storage tank for rainwater collection you are able to bypass any water restrictions made by local municipalities. This can ensure a constant and plentiful water supply for your greenhouses or other agricultural requirements.

The tank pictured above provides Marble Falls High School’s greenhouse 18,800 gallons of rainwater. They use this throughout their greenhouse which includes an aquaponics system. This greenhouse allows students in the horticulture program at the High School to get hands-on experience for careers in horticulture. The program offers several classes including, Horticultural Science, Greenhouse Operations & Production, Advanced Plant & Soil Science, and Floral Design.

The aquaponics system maintained by students is fed by large tanks of water that include about 20 catfish each. Above the fish tanks are planters with plants and vegetables feeding from the water and fertilizer provided by the fish. The water the plants don’t use is recirculated back into the fish tanks. Studies have shown that aquaponics uses 1/10th of the water used in soil-based gardening. Therefore aquaponic systems use even less water than hydroponics or even recirculating aquaculture.

Currently around 90% of the water used in the agricultural industry comes from groundwater. Groundwater supplies are depleting quickly and demand for water resources is increasing.  The requirements for greenhouses and other agricultural industries is rising making rainwater collection is the obvious solution.

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